What is UmbrellaApp?

UmbrellaApp allows you to book beauty services anytime, anywhere. Our professional Beauty stylist come to you, whether that’s at home, in the office or in your hotel room.

What services does UmbrellaApp offer?

We currently provide hair services,manicures and pedicures. If there is a particular service you’d like us to add, quickly let us know at

Who are Umbrella Beauty Stylist?

We carefully hand pick, screen and certify each stylist in person. They are all professionally Trained,Qualified and strictly Vetted.

Can I choose my Stylist ?

Given that we are an on-demand service, we cannot promise a certain Stylist professional. However, we pride ourselves on our careful assessment process to guarantee satisfaction and consistency with every member of our Umbrella team.

How do I book a treatment?

Download the free Umbrella app (available on playstore and applestore) and follow the steps to book your first appointment and once your request is submitted, you will be matched with a Umbrella Beauty Stylist who will be the nearest to your location at the time of the service request.After the request has been accepted you can trace the Beauty Stylist on their way to where ever you are as you prepare to be attended.

When and where can I request a treatment?

Umbrella services are available from 7am-7pm,you can book from home,hotel,office,school residency

How do I get ready for my appointment.

What if my Stylist is late?

Please notify Umbrella Customer Support and will try our best to help you.

When will I be charged for my booking?

Your card will be charged once your booking is confirmed with a Stylist.
My booking was cancelled.

When do I get refunded?

If your booking is cancelled as we were unable to match you with a therapist, your card will not be charged.
If your booking was confirmed with a Stylist and cancelled for another reason, the Customer Support team will process the refund.

Can I tip my Umbrella Stylist ?

Clients are not obliged to tip but if you would like show your appreciation of the service provided, you can do so at the end of your treatment.
I had a problem with my service,who do I contact ?

If the service doesn’t live up to your expectations send us a feed back by sending an e mail or call…